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60 Minute Group Sessions 

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All classes are accessible to yogis of all levels and are beginner-friendly.


Intentions, affirmations & cues offered during each practice

BODY Compassion

Joining with the mindset that everybody is a yoga body.

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Featured Classes

Pillows & restorative

This class is very gentle and slow-paced. Poses will be held for 5+ minutes and props (pillows) will be used to help support the body during the practice. This class is intended to calm the nervous system and allow the body to completely surrender to relaxation.

*Please bring two pillows and a blanket.

Moon Phase

This class follows the Moon phases and has specific intentions and journal questions set for each phase. This class is intended for you to become more in-tune with the moon and allow your inner lunar radiance shine BRIGHT! The class style is gentle flow.

Affirmations & Yin

This class is slow-paced style where poses are held for 3-5 minutes. During each pose an affirmation will be focused on during each position. It holds space for your body and mind to be able to connect as you draw your attention inward. This class is intended to release tension, restore range of motion to muscles, rejuvenate, and reaffirm the mind.

Genlte Flow

This beginner-friendly class focuses on going through a flow of sequences to kindly warm up the body. This class is easy-paced to help you focus on alignment, balance, flexibility, movement, and breathe throughout the practice. The intention is for a sense of balance to be restored in the mind, body, and soul.

Chakra exploration

This class is inspired by and Chakras, the center energy wheels of the body. During each class, a specific Chakra will be worked on with the combination of distinct yoga postures, affirmations, meditation, and breathing exercises that support the Chakra. The class is intended for beginners looking to bring balance, healing, liberation, and peace to their chakras.

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Most frequent questions and answers

All classes are beginner-friendly. It is a good idea to try out different classes to get an idea of what style of yoga is right for you. 

Your first virtual yoga class is on us. Use the promo code: NEW-YOGI at checkout. 

Both classes are similar. It comes down to your preference. 

Virtual classes are conducted in the comfort of your own home. Cameras are not required to be on. 

Youtube classes are in your home and on your own time.

If you are practicing yoga at home and are just getting started, no special equipment or clothing is necessary. It is recommended to wear clothing that is comfortable and will not restrict your range of motion. A yoga mat provides an extra cushion and can help you from slipping. A blanket can also be another great source of support and cushion for the body. 

The only class that requires a prop is the Pillows and Restorative yoga class. The class requests you to have two fluffy pillows available.

The simple answer is no. You can practice yoga at any size or fitness level. Adjustments for poses and positions are offered to accommodate your body type and shape.

It is important to speak with the instructor about any existing physical conditions and concerns you have. Yoga offers numerous benefits to those with chronic pain by helping the body regain balance, strength, and flexibility. If you are under the care of a doctor please speak with them prior to attending a class.

The simple answer is no. You can practice yoga at any size or fitness level. Adjustments for poses and positions are offered to accommodate your body type and shape.

It is important to be mindful that our bodies and bone structures are all very different. Thus there is not just one “correct” way to do a pose. It is important to recognize what works for your own body. The most important tip is that yoga is not meant to hurt. You may feel different types of sensations while practicing. However, if you experience any type of “warning” pain, please listen to your body and kindly and slowly come out of the pose.

It is recommended to come to class hydrated and to drink water after the yoga class. Try to not eat a full meal at least one hour prior to the class.